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March 23, 2018


Trouble #11: Destroying Domination Trailer

In this month's edition of Trouble, sub.Media takes a look at patriarchy as an enduring system of social, economic and political control, and shares stories from some of the front-line struggles being waged by women around the world – from Indigenous communities fighting against the colonial dispossession of their lands, to the challenges faced by migrants forced from their homes by economic inequality, climate change, and war.

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Easter Race in Osterode!



Hey folks,

The anticipation for the easter race is rising and you can’t wait to get more details?

Here is our plan of action:


- Friday (March 30): Arrival -

Harz is calling! We are going to meet up at Campingplatz Eulenburg (adress: Scheerenberger Straße 100, 37520 Osterode am Harz). So we all have enough time to arrive and hang out together before the madness starts next day.

Please don’t forget to bring your sleeping bags (matresses are already there) and money for the shelter (Fee: 10 Euros per night)!

- Saturday (March 31): Race -

The game is on! This year’s chosen one: Ping Pong!

The rules are quite simple:

- The race will officially start at 9am and end at 6pm.

-Try to hitchhike between Osterode and the village called Elend back and forth as often as possible. It’s your choice which roads you take.

- Of course we need evidence! So you will have to post pictures everytime you get to one of the particular locations. (We will create a Whatsapp group for that the day before.)

In case you reach Osterode just take a picture of it’s place-name sign.

If you reach Elend on the other hand, you have to take a picture of the memorial stone placed at the roundabound right in the middle of the village.

- In the evening we all are going to meet at our camping site, count the pictures of each team and celebrate the great winners afterwards.

Ín case of a tie, the team that first came back to the camping site will win. So write down your final arrival time.

If you’re still on the road at 6pm, you will be disqualified.

- Sunday (April 1): Departure 

Write us via gro.nennerpmartnull@ofni if you want to participate, so you can get further contact information.

We’re looking forward to see you!

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Вероятность смуты

Очередные выборы в очередной раз показали, что Путин вечен и бесконечен во времени и пространстве. По официальным данным на выборы пришло 67,49% избирателей, а за него проголосовало 76,69% от пришедших – итого чуть больше 51,758% от общего числа. Конечно, это липа, были подтасовки, но, поскольку в России все решают официальные данные, это уже неважно. Важно другое – если власти смогли получить такие результаты, значит у оппозиции не было никакого шанса на победу. Даже, если бы ее сторонники, допустим, пришли и проголосовали за других кандидатов, Путин бы все равно победил.

March 23, 2018 04:24 PM

Symbiosis and Symbiogenesis

@natacha wrote:

A long time ago I really got caught by the reading of L’univers Bactériel: les nouveaux rapports de l’homme et de la nature, a French translation of Microcosmos, four billion years of evolution from our microbial ancestors *

In 2016 Symbiosis was the topic of Hack the Earth festival in Calafou. Women who gathered there developed very useful practice and theorical reflection about Intra-actiones toxicas: Laura Benitez, micro-organismos symbioticos: Gynepunk , and many more actions and interactions materialising at this moment a transversal relation to this issue.

This resonates very much with my concerns, for a long time reading and re reading Margulis, I was fascinated by the idea of symbiosis,


Her systemic explanation, is strangely extremely familiar to me, and I was playing with the idea that I was bearing inside each cell all the history of the universe was a clear appeal to merge to other states of materiality.

I tried to understand and make a live visualization of the explanations Lynn Margulis was giving, I was completely alone with this project, and although a french art center proposed to support it became quickly impossible to make it happen there.


Lynn Margulis has left us in 2011 she has been defending her theories all her life and has transformed the history of evolution imposing the principle of their networked symbiotic alliances, interdependance and cooperation upon multiple organisms.

It took time for me to be able to understand that it was the feminist understanding that attached my interest to Lynn Margulis explanations, about interdepen-danse and cooperation of multiple organism engaged into symbiosis exchanges.

*(Lynn Margulis et Dorion Sagan, trad. de l’anglais par Gérard Blanc, Anne de Beer, préf. Lewis Thomas, Réédité au Seuil, coll. « Points Sciences » en 2002 , L’univers bactériel: les nouveaux rapports de l’homme et de la nature « Microcosmos, four billion years of evolution from our microbial ancestors », Paris, Albin Michel, coll. « « Sciences d’aujourd’hui » », 1989 1re éd. en anglais chez HarperCollins en 1987, 333 p. ISBN 2-226-03805-1)

Next step and proposition engage our bacterial relations in coopération.

Explore the idea of network symbiosis

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Hambach Forest Occupation


Lots of warm solidarity and support from Pont Valley Protection Camp to all defending Hambacher Forest and full spectrum of their supporters following evictions of barricades this time by the police and imprisonment of now 2 additional Climate Justics Political Prisoners together with UP2(kept for past 2 month in isolation with “evidence” being kept from the defense) making now the #freeHambi3. The disaster martial law capitalism steps up its… more…

by hambachforest at March 23, 2018 02:00 PM

Insurrection News Worldwide

Rojava: Şehîd Şevger Ara Makhno – Fallen in the Defence of Afrin


Received on 23.03.18: 

Our anarchist comrade and friend Şevger Ara Makhno arrived in Rojava on 20th January 2018 to take part in the revolution. Only the day before the army of the Turkish state and its jihadist proxies had begun the invasion of the autonomous region of Afrin, an area which had remained at peace throughout seven years of war and had become both a cradle for the Rojava revolution and a safe haven for hundred thousands of refugees
from all over Syria. While the AKP and its allies ever more violently pushed Turkey towards fascism and the military brutally smashed the insurrection in North Kurdistan, Rojava and especially Afrin became a beacon of hope and resistance for all those who defied Erdogan’s regime.

Comrade Şevger was from Turkey himself, he passionately wanted to join this resistance at the frontlines. He received basic military training in the canton of Cizîre and on 19th February arrived in Afrin, where he immediately took part in the ongoing defence. As part of the Anti-Fascist Forces in Afrin (AFFA), a unit of internationalist revolutionaries within the YPG, he faced the invaders in the vicinity of Raco in the northwest of Afrin.

On the 4th March comrade Şevger had taken position on a hill outside the village of Berbêne ready to defend it against the advancing fascists. It was there that around 8AM he and two other YPG comrades were hit by an air-strike. All three of them lost their lives. In accordance with the wishes of his family his picture and legal identity will not be published, in order to protect the people close to him from repression.

We mourn the loss of our comrade and extend our condolences to all his friends, family and everyone who had the fortune to share their lives with this great and inspiring person. The people of Rojava and northern Syria and all those who are fighting for freedom and an end to oppression in the Middle East and beyond will never forget him. We know that he will live on that as long as his love and passion continue to thrive in our hearts.

Şehîd namirin!

Bi hev re heta hetayî – anarşîst û apocî!

If your heart is free the ground you stand on is liberated territory.
Defend it!

Şehîd Şevger’s anarchist comrades

Rojava, 21st March 2018

by Insurrection News at March 23, 2018 01:10 PM

Hambach Forest Occupation

Skillsharing Camp – Workshop Schedule

This is the Workshop Schedule of our Skillsharing Camp, Spring 2018 Translation in progress. Daily Program | 26.03. | 27.03. | 28.03. | 29.03. | 30.03. | 31.03. | 01.04. | 02.04. | 03.04. | 04.04. | 05.04. | 06.04. | 07.04. | 08.04. | Spontaneously scheduled events More detailed descriptions of the workshops you will find here in German (more actual) or here in English More general info on… more…

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Суд продлил меру пресечения антифашисту Игорю Шишкину

Дзержинский районный суд Петербурга второй день подряд рассматривает вопрос о продлении ареста обвиняемым по делу о некоем террористическом сообществе «Сеть» (часть 2 статьи 205.4 УК). 21 марта суд в закрытом режиме срок ареста Виктору Филинкову, а 22 марта рассмотрел ходатайство следствия относительно Игоря Шишкина.

March 23, 2018 11:36 AM


Stefen Hertog: “Making wealth sharing more efficient in high-rent countries: the citizens’ income”

Picture: credit to Engineers Ireland. Steffen Hertog, Associate Professor in Comparative Politics in the Department of Government at the London School of Economics and Political Science, has published a paper in Energy Transitions (Hertog, 2017) which relates the efficiency in wealth sharing and basic income. The paper makes the case that hydrocarbon producers with higher rents per capita make a

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March 22, 2018

Insurrection News Worldwide

Carry the Spark Inside Your Heart! Fight For Afrin!


Received on 23.03.18:

I met Haukur Hilmarsson (Spark) in Athens, where we lived together in the same squat.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get the chance to learn about his experiences that he gained during the last months while he was fighting with the International Freedom Battalion as this story will never be told by himself in person.

The fact of Haukur Hilmarsson being murdered in Afrin during the attack of the Turkish army is tied to his will to struggle for anarchist ideas, freedom and dignity, not just on a local level, but globally with international forces.

When I got to know him he had friends, comrades and lovers in Athens and all over the world. We went together to demonstrations, took part in assemblies, shared martial art skills, had long and intensive conversations and squatted houses to create (anarchist) spaces for people from different backgrounds. We lived in a self determined and self-organized way and did direct actions, attacking the capitalist and fascist forces trying to destroy and suppress us. We shared the desire to destroy all borders, nations and the state. Besides, Haukur Hilmarsson was not a simple anarchist personality. He wasn’t interested in staying in any (anarchist) bubble, but to connect with different minded people. I guess this is the reason why many people from different places love him. Because he was open to many different perspectives, he had a lot to offer on a practical, social and spiritual level and showed mutual respect to all.

Haukur Hilmarsson was a supporter of an idea that I would call “diversity of tactics”. He was into different kinds of intervention tactics: poems and music to lead the fire in our hearts, articles and speeches to express the desire of freedom, climbing and breaking into empty houses to squat and rebuild them, but arming himself with sticks and weapons to fight for revolutionary change. Haukur Hilmarsson was a Muay Thai kickboxer. We practiced together to develop our self self defense skills and to enable us to fight back with physical violence where it was necessary. He was not just a revolutionary anarchist, he was a friendly, kind and lovely person too. And when he took part in an action or participated in a project his potential would be in there.

I liked him a lot because of his personality and his inspiring way of life. We had a lot of fun during almost everything that we did together. I remember him as a social and open minded person with the ability to make commitments when they made sense to him. However Haukur Hilmarsson would never lose his individual and refreshing style. Maybe the explanation by a friend that we had in common is adequate to explain the complexity of his peaceful, but militant attitude: “a pacifist until the first hit”. I find it important to mention that he was not showing off, but he was conscious about the value of his experiences. All of these so called contradictions made him in my eyes amazingly beautiful.

The hierarchies inside of our anarchist structures were questioned and criticized by him on a regular basis. So I guess he wouldn’t mind for me to mention the following. Sometimes he was a tiny bit annoying and I respect that because it is totally human. Sometimes, he behaved in a way that is quiet typical for masculinity, especially that kind that is deeply entrenched inside of our anarchist struggles. The reason why I mention this is because I don’t want to draw a picture of a hero or show just one side of a person.

We should never forget the powerful and lovely actions that he took. All of those who met him will understand the loss that his death means. Nevertheless I have to say that I don’t recognize him as a hero. But without any doubt we can say that H. lived an intensive life and that he impressed many people so many times.

I remember that we were disagreeing on the question of our anarchist positions related to (corporate) media and his opinion that we should use the media strategically, which I didn’t agree to. I never saw the media as a legitimate tool to fight the battle against capitalism and the state because they are an integral part of the problem and therefore an enemy. However, it was fun to argue about those things with him. I think the understanding of our differences was important for our relation and did not change that I felt strongly connected to him on a political and on a personal level too.

Haukur Hilmarsson was not dogmatic at all. His positions were very political, but he was not limiting them to any ideology. Neither an anarchist nor any other ideology was recognizable when he was talking. It was obvious that he had a big interest in revolutionary struggles and their practical preparations. By being undogmatically anarchist he was a great influence for all of us. Haukur Hilmarsson was raising questions that were vital. He tried to figure out how to make our struggles strong and meaningful. Since the first day when I met Haukur Hilmarsson he made a very respectful, thoughtful and honest impression on me. He could say his opinion without hesitation, he could explain his positions, he was interested in a lot of different topics and he had a clear mind. But sometimes we were bored by political discussions or needed some rest, then we enjoyed being ironic, joked a lot and had a good time together. He was a great storyteller and soon it became clear that he had a lot of things to tell and I am thankful that he shared many fascinating and funny experiences with us.

Haukur Hilmarsson knew that he wasn’t fighting alone and he had comrades that were fighting alongside him. From Iceland, through Greece, to Rojava: He dedicated his life to the revolutionary struggle and so do we. The revolution is fought by us on a daily basis because we are anarchists who refuse to wait for a better moment in the future. Not because we are heroes and heroines, but because there isn’t any better moment than now. We carry Haukur Hilmarsson and his actions in our hearts, in our minds and in the fire that we spread. Until the death of capitalism and the destruction of the state! Therefore what we need is a revolution, our individual revolution and a collective revolution. We don’t need heroes. We simply need to recognize our own responsibility today. Unfortunately these heroic figures can’t make me feel better, at least not as long as I stay peaceful and don’t break with the pacified society. With other words: This heroism is ridiculous. It’s a construction made by passive observers. It is a meaningless construction created to protect the comfortable positions of the political left. We have to recognize the enemy in front of us, to take conscious decisions and to fight back – in our daily life, in our relationships, in our assemblies and in our struggles. The revolution is either fought by armed, decentralized and ordinary people or it has to fail. Either we all become heroines or none of us.

How can we hope for a better tomorrow when we don’t fight for a better today now? How can we talk about peace if war is the language that our enemy speaks? Some of us risk their lives to fight for a better tomorrow, but we all should take a step forward today and take risk. The armed struggle needs YOU!

A war against all authorities is needed if we really want to liberate ourselves and fight for the total destruction of the capitalist society and the domination by the state. So if we want freedom and self-determination, anarchy and autonomy, a world without borders and without domination – We should become a SPARK!


Hugs and kisses to those who carry the spark inside their hearts!

Solidarity to the revolutionary people in Rojava!

Revenge for Afrin! Revenge for Haukur Hilmarsson!

by Insurrection News at March 22, 2018 06:54 PM

FRN discussions

Captain Eddy of Radio Airplane (7 replies)

Joplin man injured in motorcycle crash

Captain Eddy of Radio Airplane, aka John Cruzan, was seriously injured in a motorcycle crash.

Joe Flips adds this from Facebook:


To all my Facebook friends and family, please pray for my cousin John Cruzan. He was in a motorcycle accident and suffered many broken bones. His heart stopped beating shortly after they took him off the ventilator and he now has irreversible brain damage. He is back on a ventilator and unresponsive. Our family would appreciate all your thoughts and prayers. Thank you so much.

For many years John was one of the administrators of the FRN web site and has made innumerable contributions to the hobby.

The Radio Airplane was a 2013 inductee into the North American Pirate Radio Hall of Fame.

by cosmikdebris at March 22, 2018 05:51 PM

Hambach Forest Occupation

Movie from inside the Hambach Forest: El Bosque por Dentro

“The Forest from Inside” A poetic film with observations from inside the Hambach Forest and its destruction. The text is spoken in Spanish, a translation is planned. Thx for sharing! more…

by hambacherforst at March 22, 2018 02:26 PM

donations for skillsharing week

Skillsharing week is coming up and we still need a few things :^) – hand sanitizer – soap (environmental friendly) – toilet paper – oil – vegan chocolate for the safer space – white bed sheets to make banners – shovel handles – Long metal bars – possibility to fill up the water canisters Thank you! more…

by hambacherforst at March 22, 2018 11:47 AM


Ann Dent: “From utopia to implementation” – (full dissertation)

Credit to: Flickr. Ann Dent, M.Sc., published a Master’s dissertation entitled “From Utopia to Implementation: How Basic Income has progressed from radical idea to legitimate policy solution.” In it, Dent explores how “utopian and marginal” ideas such as basic income became part of the agendas for policy. The dissertation looks at UBI pilot projects including Finland, the Netherlands, Ontario, and

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Insurrection News Worldwide

Vienna, Austria: Revenge for Afrin – Resistance Means Life!


Received and translated by Insurrection News on 22.03.18:

Our hearts are burning with anger over the fascist attack by the Turkish army against Afrin. And so, as a sign of solidarity with the YPG / YPJ fighters in the Rojava region we attacked the ‘Ahmet Yesevi Camii’ Turkish club on 108/3 Tabor straße early in the morning of March 21st. Even though they present themselves to the public as just a ‘mosque club’, they are actually a fascist Grey Wolves organization.

We damaged their windows and left the slogan ‘AFRIN’.

Our motivation for the attack was not their religion or country or origin, but our hatred of their fascist ideology. In late February it became known to us that the Turkish army dedicated a bomb to the club that was used against the fighters of the YPG / YPJ.

While the aggressive war of the Turkish army takes place in northern Syria, many fascist stooges spread their ideology in Europe and support the military aggression of Turkey. A large part of the weapons and equipment used for the attacks against Rojava are also produced in Europe. Our answer: Direct actions against those responsible!

We are not only in solidarity with the antifascist defense against Turkey, we also support the resistant people in northern Syria and their struggle to build an emancipatory society there and around the world!

Fight for Afrin! Fight everywhere!

Anarchist Solidarity Front 161

Text in German


by Insurrection News at March 22, 2018 06:48 AM

Debian security

March 21, 2018

Hambach Forest Occupation

Police in the Forest Again

Continuation of 3/19: Barricade Eviction in the Forest 3/21/2018 8:24 Large police action in the forest, apparently demolition of barricades, several forest roads are currently blocked by cordons of police. 9:00 Police at the railway station of Buir. 9:30 Forest roads to Lorien are cleared. Tripod at Jesus point is cleared. Currently clearing between North and Deathtrap. 10:00 Cops in sight of the Gallien Tower. Several „Wannen“ (= police vans)… more…

by hambacherforst at March 21, 2018 10:13 PM

Суд продлил меру пресечения антифашисту Виктору Филинкову

21 марта Дзержинский районный суд Петербурга рассмотрел вопрос о продлении ареста антифашисту Виктору Филинкову, обвиняемому по делу о некоем террористическом сообществе «Сеть» (часть 2 статьи 205.4 УК). Филинков рассказывал, что сотрудники ФСБ избивали и пытали его электрошокером.

16 марта стало известно, что арестованного перевели в «пыточное» СИЗО в Ленинградской области. Судья Киреев закрыл заседание по ходатайству следователя и продлил арест Филинкова до 22 июня. Журналистов на оглашение решения не пустили.

March 21, 2018 09:20 PM

Борьба в университетах России за трудовые права: лекторий «Автонома» 24 марта

Могут ли преподаватели в российских вузах бороться за повышение зарплаты, бороться с сокращениями и увеличением нагрузки? Выступать за университетское самоуправление? Опыт независимого профсоюза «Университетская солидарность» говорит: да, вполне. О том, как вузовские преподаватели в России могут противостоять своему начальству, на лектории «Автонома» расскажет Андроник Арутюнов, член центрального совета «Университетской солидарности».

Тема этого лектория - "Борьба в университетах России за трудовые права: опыт «Университетской солидарности»".

March 21, 2018 08:08 PM

Tor Browser

Protect the Open Web as a Ford-Mozilla Fellow

Protect the Open Web as a Ford-Mozilla Fellow
t0mmy March 21, 2018

March 23 update: This post has been edited.

For the last three years, Mozilla has been shaping public-interest technology through their 10-month Open Web Fellows program. Each year, the fellows work with advocacy organizations who share their belief that the open internet can make the world a better place. The Tor Project has been selected as one of the host organizations for the 2018 fellowship cohort, and applications open today.

“Civil society can have an outsized impact on the health of the internetnonprofits and institutions conduct groundbreaking research, build tools that thwart digital harassment, and protect marginalized communities online.”

Welcoming 11 New Partners in the Quest for Internet Health

We've Got Big Plans

We'll announce what this fellow is going to work on soon. Fellows receive a $60,000 stipend, paid in monthly installments, as well as childcare and health insurance supplements.

The application period runs from today through Friday, April 20, at 5pm. If you’ve got questions, you can email tommyc(at)torproject.org or fellowships(at)mozilla.org.

We’re deeply committed to safeguarding the open internet, and we’re grateful to have Mozilla as a partner in the fight for online privacy and freedom around the world. Whether they’re helping us uplift Tor patches into Firefox, supporting our Metrics work, or matching donations during our end-of-year crowdfunding campaign, we know that Mozilla has our back. 

by t0mmy at March 21, 2018 06:00 PM


THE ECONOMIC LESSON OF 1938 (from 2009)

  This essay was originally published in the USBIG NewsFlash in August 2009.   If I use the phrase “lesson of 1938,” most people will probably think about Britain’s unsuccessful attempt to avoid war with Nazi Germany by giving away a piece of Czechoslovakia. There are important lessons in that event, but that’s not what I want to talk about.

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by Karl Widerquist at March 21, 2018 03:09 PM

Insurrection News Worldwide

Belgrade, Serbia: #Fight4Afrin – From Belgrade to Afrin NO PASARAN! (Video)

Antifascist solidarity with Afrin and Rojava
19. march Belgrade

Svugde je Afrin, svuda je otpor.

In the recent days there have been several solidarity actions in Belgrade supporting the struggle for freedom and autonomy in Afrin, part of the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria (Rojava).

Posters and writings on the walls appeared in several focal points of the city, such as the turkish cultural center, the area of the Turkish embassy, universities etc. to denounce the unspoken profit that the Balkan weapon industry is making out of the recent conflict in Rojava and the political subjugation of the Vučić-government to the AKP.

In addition, this monday a banner was hanged from a building in Trg Republike (the main square of Belgrade) saying “Stop the invasion in Afrin! Lets defend self-organization against states and capital!!”

These actions are meant to support the resistance of people of Rojava, to stand for their social revolution that represents a threat to the expansionist fascism of AKP.

The silent complicity of EU and UN in the invasion is also mentioned as it is well known how several powers are benefiting not only financially but also politically from the attack on Afrin. In Belgrade as all over the world solidarity is shown to unveil the dirty side of an imperialist war against the people in Rojava perpetrated by this coalition of forces.

These acts of dissent anticipate the official international day of action for Afrin, called by the comrades of Rojava for the 24th of March.



by Insurrection News at March 21, 2018 01:40 PM

Genoa, Italy: Righi Telecommunications Repeater Up In Flames / Genova, Italia: Repetidor de Telecomunicaciones en Llamas


We live in a world where being connected is essential if we want to keep up with the times and keep pace with the neurotic rhythm that modern society is offering us.
Human relationships have broken up behind displays, Apps.
Without WhatsApp you risk being excluded from your group of friends … seriously.
At work, in the family, as a couple, we all need to be constantly available: “send your precise position”, “send a selfie “, “listen to this voice message”.

Although we realize that “perhaps” we’re spending a lot of time at home, links are becoming more and more virtual and our first thought as soon as we get in after a day’s work is to turn on the pc, we don’t want to figure out for ourselves that something’s wrong, we’re lying to ourselves.
It’s a well-known fact that technology and its damsels have full control over our lives today, what needs to be analysed is why we’ve accepted it.

Perhaps because we consign ourselves to something we see as bigger than ourselves, perhaps because we are fed up with the unpleasant daily life imposed on us, the frivolous use of technology lightens up the day, or perhaps we even believe it’s useful.
One thing sure is that it is useful to the bosses!
Above all else technology and its equipment produce alienation.
The emptiness derived from this mediation is functional to power for keeping its hold firmly on the reins, not by chance new “Apps” such as Youpol turn frustrated citizens into guard dogs of power.
The fact is that for one reason or another we always have a screen in front of our eyes, big or small according to preference.

We delegate any choice whatsoever to a plastic and silicon object, now an actual extension of our body, and in moments of relaxation we rely on real opiates: TV series, online games, soccer games.
What we are experiencing today, turning us into unaware “perpetrators and victims” is the dramatic lobotomization of the human race.

In order to be spread, these new drugs require structures (pylons, antennas, repeaters) and instruments (software, panels of control) diffused far and wide throughout the country.
This makes it easier to attack them and harder for the authorities to defend them.
So for these reasons and thousands of others we are taking responsibility for our actions and claiming the attack on one of the main Telecom repeaters on the heights of Righi.

The cameras and motion detectors defending the metallic monster within the fenced-off area are many, but with the passion for freedom and a certain degree of determination certain obstacles can be overcome.
Once we positioned everything necessary we triggered the fuse… in a flash the parasitic light of the city passed into the background. Twenty litres of petrol took shape and our eyes and hearts lit up with joy!
It matters little if we are not understood, we are not seeking consensus but accomplices.
We are beyond miserable political calculation, we leave that to whoever wants to domesticate the masses by deluding them with the chimera of giving power to the people.
That said and done, we are not being as presumptuous as to say that we have fully dissected and solved the causes of the self-enchainment that society, which we also belong to, has become a material author of, but invite all those who feel close to such practices to take part in the celebration and continue attacking the techno-industrial apparatus.

We too have been encouraged by the summer barbecues of repeaters in France, England and other cities of Italy, including Genoa (also thanks to those who have taken on the task of translating foreign texts).
May the match pass from hand to hand without extinguishing!




(via Act For Freedom Now!)


[Traducido por Sin Banderas Ni Fronteras desde Actforfreedom]

Vivimos en un mundo en el que estar conectadx es esencial si queremos mantenernos al día y seguir el ritmo neurótico que la sociedad moderna nos ofrece.

Las relaciones humanas se han roto detrás de pantallas, aplicaciones.

Sin WhatsApp, se corre el riesgo de ser excluidx del grupo de amigxs…seriamente.

En el trabajo, en la familia, o en la pareja, todxs debemos estar constantemente disponibles: “envía tu posición precisa”, “envía una selfie”, “escucha este mensaje de voz”.

Aunque nos damos cuenta de que “quizás” estamos pasando mucho tiempo en casa, las conexiones se vuelven cada vez más virtuales y nuestro primer pensamiento tan pronto entramos después de un día de trabajo es encender el PC. No queremos darnos cuenta de que algo anda mal, nos estamos mintiendo a nosotrxs mismxs.

Es un hecho bien conocido que la tecnología y sus damas de honor tienen un control total sobre nuestras vidas en la actualidad, lo que debe analizarse es por qué lo hemos aceptado.

Tal vez porque nos resignamos a algo que consideramos más grande que nosotrxs mismxs, tal vez porque estamos hartxs de la desagradable vida cotidiana que se nos impone, el uso frívolo de la tecnología aligera el día, o tal vez incluso creemos que es útil.

¡Una cosa segura es que es útil para los jefes!

Sobre todo, la tecnología y sus aparatos producen alienación.
El vacío derivado de esta mediación es funcional al poder de mantener firmes sus riendas, no por casualidad nuevas “aplicaciones” como Youpol convierten ciudadanos frustrados en guardianes del poder.

El hecho es que, por una razón u otra, siempre tenemos una pantalla frente a nuestros ojos, grande o pequeña de acuerdo con nuestras preferencias.

Delegamos cualquier opción a un objeto de plástico y silicio, ahora una extensión real de nuestro cuerpo, y en momentos de relajación dependemos de opiáceos reales: series de televisión, juegos en línea, juegos de fútbol.

Lo que estamos experimentando hoy, convirtiéndonos en “perpetradores y víctimas” inconscientes, es la lobotomización dramática de la raza humana.

Para propagarse, estos nuevos medicamentos requieren estructuras (pilares, antenas, repetidores) e instrumentos (software, paneles de control) difundidos a lo largo y ancho de todo el país. Esto hace que sea más fácil atacarlos y más difícil para las autoridades defenderlos.

Entonces, por estos motivos y por otros miles, asumimos la responsabilidad de nuestras acciones y reclamamos el ataque contra uno de los principales repetidores de Telecom en las alturas de Righi.

Las cámaras y los detectores de movimiento que defienden al monstruo metálico dentro del área cercada son muchos, pero con la pasión por la libertad y un cierto grado de determinación se pueden superar ciertos obstáculos.

Una vez que colocamos todo lo necesario activamos el fusible … en un instante la luz parásita de la ciudad pasó a segundo plano.

¡Veinte litros de gasolina tomaron forma y nuestros ojos y corazones se iluminaron de alegría!

Poco importa si no nos comprenden, no buscamos consenso sino cómplices. Estamos más allá del miserable cálculo político, lo dejamos a quien quiera domesticar a las masas al engañarlas con la quimera de dar poder a la gente.

Dicho y hecho, no estamos siendo tan presuntuosxs como para decir que hemos diseccionado y resuelto completamente las causas del autoencadenamiento del cual la sociedad, a la que también pertenecemos, se ha convertido en autora material, sino que invitamos a todxs los que se sienten cercanxs a tales prácticas a participar en la celebración y continuar atacando el aparato tecno-industrial.

Nosotrxs también nos hemos sentido alentados por las barbacoas de verano de los repetidores en Francia, Inglaterra y otras ciudades de Italia, incluido Génova (también gracias a aquellxs que han asumido la tarea de traducir textos extranjeros).

¡Que la llama pase de mano en mano sin extinguirse!



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#8March 2018: Peasant women of La Via Campesina and allies mobilise world over | Highlights

Here is a brief summary of several mobilisations in which peasant women joined other social movements to mark the International Women’s Day.

In Argentina, the women of the National Indigenous Campesino Movement, MNCI, took to the streets of Mendoza to denounce all forms of violence that affect peasant women, psychological, physical, economic, institutional and symbolic violence.

They recalled that in Argentina less than 2% of property titles are in the name of women. Without land in their name, women have no economic autonomy and are therefore more vulnerable to violence. The reality is that more than 3,000 girls, adolescents and adult women are now missing. During their strike, women also denounced the industrial farming system that oppresses women and said: “If our lives have no value, produce and reproduce without us!”

Likewise, hundreds of women from the Campesino Movement of Santiago del Estero, MOCASE, expressed their outrage at the abusive evictions of land organized by big businesses aided by corrupt administration and judiciary. They also highlighted the central role in the defense of peasant seeds. “We want to live and work in peace, history requires us to open paths to freedom and social justice, women are the heart that beats deeply in the field.”

In Paraguay, on the other hand, the women of the National Coordinator of Rural Women of Indigenous People, CONAMURI also mobilized to denounce the situation wherein more than half of the 1,300,000 rural women in their country live in poverty and 35% in extreme poverty.

The “boom” of soy production in Paraguay and the consequent eviction of land only accentuates this problem. Several actions took place during the day, including the delivery of a Manifesto to the Ministry of Labor and Social Security that summarizes the demands of women. The recognition of peasant and indigenous agriculture was part of this as a fundamental demand, given the context of violence perpretated by industrial agriculture on peasant women.

In Peru, in Tambo, in the Junín region, the National Federation of Indigenous Peasant Women, Native and Wages of Peru), FEMUCARINAP organized a regional women’s meeting, this past March 6, on the occasion of the International Day of Rights of Women. the woman. The National Agrarian Confederation, CNA, another member organization of La Vía Campesina in that country, has issued a position to point out the importance of the contribution of rural and indigenous women in the ongoing struggle for women’s rights.

In Chile, in Temuco, women organized in the National Association of Rural and Indigenous Women, ANAMURI took advantage of this March 8 to make their voices heard against the TPP and the TPP11. “In times of assault on the national sovereignty, and to the dignity of the women and of the peoples that fight, we commit ourselves to continue fighting to stop the neoliberal and extractive advance on our territories, and especially in Latin America”, they affirmed.

In Brazil, the women of the Movement of Landless Rural Workers, MST, issued a clarion call based on the famous quote of Rosa Luxemborg “Those who do not move, do not notice their chains” and mobilized in 24 states against the Coup, against the Social Security Reform, in defense of democracy, against the closure of schools in the countryside and the lack of agricultural incentives for production in settlements and the precariousness of health.

In the state of Paraná, more than 700 women occupied the legislature. In the state of Bahia, in the far south, 1,000 women occupied a pulp mill, while in another part of this state, an equally important group occupied a monoculture area.

Also in the state of Bahia, on March 12, an occupation was carried out this time by 300 women of the MST in São Sebastião do Passé on the site of the Petrobras company. The occupation denounced the coup d’état and attacks on the rights of workers. It was also intended to rebel against the privatization of Petrobras and the way in which the current government wastes the national wealth internationally.

In Rio de Janeiro, 800 women from diverse popular movements occupied the newspaper O Globo to denounce the central role played by this group in the political and financial instability of the country and in the coup against President Dilma. Marches were also held in Porto Alegre, Maceio. In Dourados, Mato Grosso do Sul, 250 women blocked the access road to a chemical fertilizer distribution company.

Thousands of thousands of activists mobilized in this National Day of Struggle for Women Without Land, mainly, between March 8 and 10, but the actions were planned until March 20, this day about 600 women occupied the Nestle’s office, to protest against the privatization of water, just as the World Water Forum and the Alternative World Water Forum # FAMA2018 were being held in Brazil.

In Europe, the call for the 24-hour women’s strike was a great success in many cities in Spain. In Galicia, only in the city of Vigo, 40,000 people gathered in the anti-patriarchal and anti-capitalist strike.

In Palestine, women demonstrated in Gaza on March 8 to remember the horrors of the Israeli occupation and its crimes against humanity. This occupation has caused many women and men to lose their lands, their cities, their lives.

In Thailand, on the occasion of the International Day for the struggle for women’s rights, the Assembly of the Poor commented on the place of women in the organization. “Women, villagers, farmers, must oppose injustice and force. Peasant women fight against justice and oppression, along with men, as equal and equal members in the assembly of the poor. ”

In Turkey, Ciftçi-Sen took over the call made by La Vía Campesina and translated it into Turkish to greet all the women who fight in the countryside and in the cities of that country.

Moroccan feminist movements, organizations and activists demonstrated in Rabat, the capital of Morocco, to recall their most important and urgent demands and to invoke the militant and symbolic dimension of this day. well the day of struggle for the rights of women and not just a women’s day.

The women of FNSA, under the banner of their organization,participated in the event and distributed postcards of La Via Campesina with a message from the Women’s articulation of the LVC and introducing the concept of peasant popular feminism. We are happy with the good reaction of the protesters who enjoyed our postcards!

In India, with the slogan “Sow the seeds of resistance” Young agricultural workers from our Agroecology school ‘Amrita Bhoomi International Center’ of La Via Campesina commemorated International Women’s Day by distributing packages of native seed varieties in the program jointly carried out by the coalition of social movements in Karnataka under the motto ‘Karnataka Mahila Dourjanya Virodhi Vedhike’ More power for our women!

In Japan, on the occasion of the International Day of Women’s Rights, 600 women attended a meeting in the center of Tokyo, asking for working conditions, gender equality and conditions of equality food sovereignty.

In South Korea, members of the Korean Association of Peasant Women sent a message of solidarity to all the women of the world.

In Indonesia, the Indonesian Farmers’ Union, SPI, has sent greetings to women who struggle and resist, not only to earn a living, but also to participate in politics, and to achieve equality, equal pay. and the recognition of their work. “We greet women who participate in the constant struggle to end violence against women and against all humanity. We greet those who oppose capitalist oppression, who refuse to accept a patriarchal model rooted in society, where women are daily victims of violence, discrimination, exploitation, oppression and murder. ”

Check out slide-shows and videos on Via Campesina TV.

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Debian security

March 20, 2018



March 19 “Burnaby Mountain, British Columbia, Canada”<br /> <br /> People blocked tree cutting equipment, slated to clear the way for Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion, that would bring oil from Alberta’s tar sands to the port of Vancouver.<br /> <br /> These actions were done by autonomous individuals unaffiliated with environmental ngo’s, currently engaged in a week of symbolic actions. Six people were arrested<br /> <br /> Follow this struggle https://facebook.com/kmsurveillancepost/

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Boodaville permaculture, Matarranya, Spain

Video from our 2017 festival!

Tickets for this year’s festival (25 – 27 May) go on sale this Friday!!


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Rest in Power Anna

Our hearts are heavy with sadness today as this weekend we learned of the death of our friend and comrade, Anna Campbell.

Anna was killed in a missile strike in Afrin while fighting with the YPG.

Anna was a core member of the Empty Cages Collective and an active organiser in many anti-prison projects and campaigns, including Community Action on Prison Expansion, Smash IPP as well as Bristol Anarchist Black Cross. She made organising a joy.

She was a dedicated anarchist deeply committed to fighting for liberation. Her list of engagement in social struggles is long, from hunt sabotage to student occupations. She was a passionate feminist and proudly queer.

Like, Louise Michel, her favourite historical anarchist, social revolution was the deepest of her desires and is what took her to Kurdistan.

Anna died on the frontlines where she wanted to be – defending a revolutionary movement. She will be deeply and desperately missed by friends and family. Her courage inspires us to keep fighting for liberation, and for the destruction of the state and its prisons.

“We revolutionaries aren’t just chasing a scarlet flag. What we pursue is an awakening of liberty, old or new. It is the ancient Communes of France, it is 1703; it is June 1848; it is 1871. Most especially it is the next revolution which is advancing under this dawn.”
– Louise Michel


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Solidarity actions with anarchists from Russia

Since October 2017 and until today, Russian authorities have launched a massive crackdown on an anarchist movement. Arrests and searches took place in Moscow, Saint-Petersurg, Penza, occupied Sevastopol and Evpatoria. By now more then 10 people are behind bars. Most of them evidenced about torturing. Read more here: [1]


Here is the pictures of a solidarity actions all around the world at 18th of March.

Follow #TheCaseOfTheNetwork tag.

Helsinki (Finland)


Stockholm (Sweden)


Kharkiv (Ukraine)


Prague (Czhech Republic)


Turku (Finland)




Brno (Chech Republic)


Barselona (Spain)


Bern (Switzerland)











Bilefeld (Germany)


Greifswald (Germany)


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В Лейпциге прошёл митинг солидарности напротив консульства России

19 марта Лейпциг присоединился к . Митинг проходил в нескольких метрах от российского консульства. Полицейские не позволили подойти вплотную к «территории Российской Федерации», но акция всё равно хорошо просматривалась из окон, а также минимум один сотрудник консульства фотографировал всё происходящее.

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Insurrection News Worldwide

Athens, Greece: Demonstration to Defend the Squats Community of Koukaki & in Solidarity with Squats & Places of Struggle


Almost a year ago, a new project bloomed in the neighborhood of Koukaki. We created a community of housing and struggling squats. We occupied three empty buildings which were getting rotten at Matrozou 45, Panaitoliou 21 and Arvali 3. We rebuilt them through a lot of work to become sustainable, to become places of gathering and communal organization. Some us them are living here permanently.

We are coming from different places of the planet, co-exist with dogs and cats, creating relations of solidarity and freedom. This community, as its buildings is opened to the people through discussions in public spaces, projections, music events, café-bar, presentations of theories, and games with children. We have create structures for common use like library-reading space, compost on the Filopappou hill, public bathroom-laundry and free shop to exchange clothes, laboratory of conserves production and urban gardening. From the very start, we knew that freedom can be claimed only through struggle. Our community is part of the anti-authoritarian/anarchist/libertarian movement and participates to the defending of the squats, in struggle against state repression, prisons and detention centers, against patriarchy, fascism, destruction of nature and stand in solidarity with migrants.

Out of institutions, legality and capitalism extortions, our multiethnic community gain grounds and became visible. As a result, the state and the fascists attacked us. On February 21, fascists tried to burn the squat at Panaitoliou 21, attack unsuccessfully repeated on 14 of March. On 12 of March, at 6 o’clock in the morning, the full-equipped mercenaries invade the neighborhood, surround and evacuate the squat Matrozou 45, beat up and arrest all the people who were inside the house, seize personal and collective objects, setting up another court case.

The operation of evacuation confronts a powerful resistance from comrades inside and outside the building. Meanwhile, people from the neighborhood try to interfere against the cops. Our resistance was a conscious political decision, it was the denial to submit ourselves to the violence of the state, it was a signal of struggle.

The evacuation let behind a strong police presence in the neighborhood, while the media create another climate of terror. The state brought on fear which everyone must break out, by taking position against repression and its presence in our neighborhood.

Our capacity to occupy buildings is a result of a struggle which is going on years now by a large and combative squatting movement where we also belong. For this reason the police operation was a coordinate attack. Alongside with Matrozou 45, the squats of Gare and Zaimi 11 were also evacuated. In this repression plan, fascists are playing a crucial, with their constant attacks to places of struggle, and at its summits the burning down of Libertatia. The list of attacks from the state and the fascists’ para-state is big. Even though, they remain unable to block the liberation.

We are a part a social base that reflects its radical and anti-state characteristic. The uncompromisable struggles and libertarian cultures. We are creating another world, we will transfer it, defend it and claim it until the time it will be a reality.

24 of March, Saturday, 12:00 in Paidiki Hara, Koukaki we are calling comrades, friends, from Athens and all over Greece, all of ages, genders, persons who work, studying, or are unemployed, with animals, with their music instruments and their means of expression, to walk together.






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Rome, Italy: Some Words from Prison by Anarchist Comrade Anna Beniamino


Right you are…if you think you are

Reflections and updates on a trial

There’s not much to be said about an episode of repression, after all it’s the simple cyclical occurrence of action and reaction – or even on how repression plays dirty – another well-known fact. At most these are just a few notes on the development of techniques and strategies.

This I’ll try to do. More than a year after the arrests, with the trial already underway, a crack has opened in the censuring bell jar and the court papers been disclosed in all their misery after the short report on the last issue of Croce Nera and the latest developments on the closure of investigations and the preliminary hearing.

Before any assessment, however, I simply want to reiterate my pride in anarchy and the anarchists who have allowed me to nourish myself on the solidarity of actions, written words, anger ricocheted behind the gates and from prison to prison, showing yet again how the anarchist tension is alive, topical and capable of ridiculing categories and jumping over the obstacles that repression wants to impose, shaking off the burden of fear and the myth of consensus.

I’ve always thought that anarchy is something serious if practised by women and men doted with reason and instinct, something that – when locked up in the cages and traps of dominion – turns against it and gains strength from the weakness dominion wants to instil. We’re here for this, in an endless game of dice between authority and its negation.

I’ve also always thought that anarchy has the unquestionable privilege of being able to lean on a strong philosophical, historical and cultural background, mixed with a primordial instinct for negation: elements that still continue to mingle spontaneously in effective destructive recipes.

“Anarchy is powerful, when it wants to be”, to quote anarchist comrade Panagiotis Argyrou in his communique written in the summer in solidarity with those arrested at the G20 in Hamburg.

The anarchist idea continues to be a problem for authority as it makes the practical action inherent in its negation clear to minds that are free.

But I don’t want to cause any misunderstanding, mere trials of ideas do not exist: when the repression strikes it always does after things have happened, precise actions that attack widespread social acquiescence and addiction to control typical of these times.

Action and reaction: trials are rigged against anarchists because of what anarchists are, enemies of the state.

Repression – and the consequent codification and application of the penal code – change form and adapt according to contingencies and the level of the ongoing conflict: they can move with vindictive fury, making a clean sweep of everything that lies before them, with bland paternalism or a with whole range of intermediate degrees. Sometimes it’s the refractory ones to give the pace to the action, at others they submit to, and react to, the backlashes of the repression. They often complain about moving when they are cornered, rather than attacking first. However one must be aware of the fact that taking blows doesn’t mean being ‘victims’.

It could be that victim of repression has been a role for too a long, an easy one for some, in the theatre of democracy, a fake unpleasant label that has produced pietism, not combative awareness.

The importance of the present times is in this passage: on the new or renewed awareness of being blunt instruments, bearers of subversive germs if we want, not only in the limited milieus of the movement but also in presenting ourselves, social or antisocial as we feel, as proud bearers of an intensive critique to the era of technological domination, global control and homologation.

Denuding the king and his shame, has been and will continue to be a target of the repression, past and present, with old and new tools. The ridiculous categories of the penal codes – defending criminal acts, instigation, association – aim at striking the connective tissue between word and action, solidarity.

We can’t let ourselves be surprised by this, over a century ago there were associations of wrongdoers, the directing authorities closed down papers and persecuted the subversives and their meetings, put the disreputable places where they would meet under surveillance. Today the web and digital communication are also monitored.

Unlike the past, however, control has become all-pervasive thanks to the advent of the new technological frills, which is often accompanied by less awareness and trust in one’s potential and possibilities of opposing it.

Repressive models and techniques are being re-proposed and updated (sometimes not even all that much), administered according to the needs: now, among other things, they are also used to restrain, or try to, an undeniable effervescence in anarchist milieus.

Acknowledging this doesn’t mean immobilising oneself like scared rabbits caught in the headlights of a moving lorry or hurling oneself – tied hands and feet – into the jaws of the monster, convinced of its inevitable voracity. Rather a change in perspective: aspiring, now and always, to become indigestible bites, without succumbing to the delusion of an omniscience and omnipotence of power, where often there is no global strategy but a formless intertwining of contrasting career interests, orders given and variously zealous officers.

The human factor should not be forgotten, even in the most degraded form that can emerge from those filling in files in police stations, who steal and deform pieces of our lives thus giving a wide view of their essential misery.

Starting at the end: from association to instigation and vice versa

With the notification of the end of investigations in April 2017 – for those arrested and others put under investigation in September 2016 – another charge has been added to those against 12 of the 17 defendants, namely article 414 (instigation to commit criminal acts) with intent of terrorism as creators and/or distributors of Croce Nera, paper and blog, with explicit mention of certain editorials and articles from issues 0 to 3. A sign of the times, the aggravating circumstance of ‘having committed the act through IT and telecommunication instruments’ was added to the charge of instigation.

Moreover on 2nd June 2017, with suggestive timing concerning the preliminary hearing of 5th June, repression’s pyramid marketing has added to their loot. Another 7 comrades are put under investigation for articles 270bis and 414 because they are editors (and not) of Croce Nera and the blogs RadioAzione and Anarhjia, besides accusing 2 of the 7 just mentioned of article 280, following the raids of September 2016 and the finding, among other material published in Croce Nera, of a copy of the claim for an attack on the court of Civitavecchia carried out in January 2016, signed Fireworks committee for an extraordinary year-FAI/FRI. The two lines of investigation were unified at the preliminary hearing and all were sent to trial without changing anything of the various charges. Practically, after a year of obsessive censorship control (through the systematic blocking and seizing of prisoners’ letters, which went directly to the prosecutor’s files and added to the acts of the preliminary hearing) and monitoring of solidarity, the prosecutor and the police managed to generate a punitive ‘summary’ procedure against some of those who had continued to keep in touch with them [the comrades on trial] and carried on editorial activities.

The simultaneous use of articles 270bis and 414 is now an example of their strategies, if we consider what happened with the ‘Shadow’ trial sentence in Perugia and the use they want to make of it in this one.

Not to mention the exacerbation of article 414 in recent years, as it is also being used ‘franc’, as winemakers would say, without using it on the margins of associative charges, but to strike any anarchist writing that ‘defends’ anarchist action, as a malleable lid with which to try to suffocate the flames of words and actions of solidarity.

However it should be stressed that the cop’s petty tricks have not scared anyone.

Recyclable paper…

…The structure of the investigation

It might be that written words remain but, with Scripta Manent the prosecutors and Digos of Turin didn’t want to throw anything away. They have exhumed from the ancestors’ cemetery about 20 years of monitoring and repression, archives and old trials, masticating them and spitting them out again.

• The ORAI trial (prosecutor Marini, ROS, Rome) of 1995;

• Investigation of the attack on Palazzo Marino in Milan in 1997 claimed by Azione Rivoluzionaria Anarchica;

• Investigation of International Solidarity (prosecutor Dambruoso, Digos, Milan) filed away in 2000;

• Operation Croce Nera (prosecutor Plazzi, ROS, Bologna), which in 2005 had led to the arrests of the Croce Nera editors of the time and which concluded shortly afterwards with a sentence of no case to answer;

• Investigation on the incendiary package sent to Lecce’s police chief in 2005 signed by Narodnaja Volja/FAI;

• Investigation of the attack on the carabinieri training barracks in Fossano and the incendiary packages claimed by FAI/RAT in 2006 (prosecutor Tatangelo, ROS, Turin) archived in 2008;

• Investigation of the incendiary packages and the attack on the Crocetta claimed by FAI/RAT in 2007, archived in 2009 (prosecutor Tatangelo, Digos, Turin);

• Operation Shadow (prosecutor Comodi, Digos, Turin), which began in 2009 based on articles 270bis and 280 and concluded in 2016 with sentences based on article 414 against the periodical KNO3 and 2 sentences for car theft and attempted sabotage of a railway line;

• Operation Ardire (prosecutor Comodi, ROS, Perugia), begun in 2010, leading to 8 prison arrests in 2012 and was later integrally included in Scripta Manent after territorial jurisdiction vicissitudes first in Milan then in Turin;

• Investigations Kontro, Replay, Sisters, Tortuga (prosecutor Manotti, ROS, Genoa) on attacks on carabinieri barracks in Genoa, RIS headquarters in Parma in 2005 and other attacks;

• Investigations Evoluzione and Evoluzione II (prosecutors Musto and Milita, ROS, Naples), begun in 2012 in reference to the attack on Adinolfi then ‘evolved’ into monitoring of RadioAzione and RadioAzione Croatia;

• Investigation Moto (prosecutors Franz and Piacente, ROS, Genoa), which in 2012 led to the arrests of Nicola Gai and Alfredo Cospito;

• Investigation of the parcel bomb sent to Equitalia (prosecutors Cennicola and Polino, Digos, Rome) of 2011, reopened in 2014;

• Investigation of an attack on the court of Civitavecchia and molotov against the carabinieri of Civitavecchia in 2016 (prosecutor Cennicola, ROS, Rome).

This long list has been made by sifting the index – and surely something has been omitted – not to mention a whole other series of monitorings and intelligence activities transferred from investigation to investigation, from police station to police station, often amidst territorial jurisdictions through the loopholes allowed by the formulation of associative crimes.

The strategy at the base of all this is clear enough, and the usual bulk of papers, however contradictory, becomes suggestive. Consider that all the acts of the above-mentioned proceedings have almost entirely been thrown into Scripta Manent, and along with the duo Sparagna/ Turin Digos’ elucubrations become over 206 files of judicial documents.

Filing and skimming off: hundreds of names and curriculum vitae, of episodes of daily subversion, filed, sectioned and recomposed ad hoc. To existential trajectories, fragments of discussions and publications are superimposed discordant interpretations according to the sharp eyes of the investigator on duty, attributive space-time acrobatics, neo-Lombrosian behavioural studies. It’s not the first time this has happened; the attempt at dividing between ‘good and the bad’ and the use of anarchist publications as ‘clandestine’ and prone to ‘association’ are also well tested.

It often occurs, and I’m the first to do so, that one uses irony against the obvious coarseness and incongruence of the judicial papers, forgetting that there is deliberate arrogance on the part of power in all this.

Besides their great or small catch, the repressive apparatus is fully aware of the manoeuvring that its anti-terrorism operations allows. Supervise and punish… in-depth monitoring of contacts, reactions, attempts to put pressure on the ‘capacity’ and extent of solidarity, long pre-trial imprisonments.

However I find short-sighted and mistaken the analysis that sees repression against certain sectors of the movement as a laboratory for experimenting repressive techniques, so as to extend them to vast social strata. There is there a certain paternalistic presumption in that, although naïve, beyond seeking consensus through the cement of repression, in these years’ lukewarm dissent.

When instead the use of carrot-and-stick is far more complex and subtle.

Power doesn’t need to lab test repression on anarchists, it just applies a fragment of the violence employed more ferociously elsewhere: when the state has no scruples about training armed gangs of mercenaries to defend its borders and interests, about drowning thousands of human beings every day, about using coercive measures to send people away from their own area every week for simple crimes of opinion (a simple click on the web page of any idiot, religious fundamentalist of the twenty-first century, is sufficient to find oneself on the first plane).

For now repression is administering well diversified punishments and it knows very well where it can extend indiscriminately, with the widest slave-like media coverage. Without omitting that also in the milieus of the movement there is no lack of ‘exemplary’ punishments.

It often happens that comrades are more cautious and aware in facing repression. It is not accidental that more attention is being paid to the development of filing techniques, control, massive monitoring, as well as the manipulation of consensus from these parts.

Police psycho-anthropology

In a framework of accusations where everything moves on deductions/illations, a kind of behavioural study intervenes in massive doses to try to put them together. The awareness – and subtracting oneself – of an all-seeing omnipresent police control become suggestive in themselves.

There are now consolidated practices in the milieus of the movement, or rather a social practice spread for the most diversified reasons: talking evasively on the phone or using it in a limited way, not compulsively as the perfect citizen consumer’s guide would like; taking care not to be followed; eliminating bugs and cameras from houses, cars, workplaces; being aware of computer control, to give a few examples.

For years, too, we’ve known about the cops’ opportunistic interpretations of relations with friends and comrades and in movement initiatives: to the unquestionable judgement of the spy on duty and/or calculated short-sightedness, according to the needs, one is too much or too little present. We also know about the cops’ passion for seeing any initiative, journey or out-of-town trip as a ‘meeting of associates’ (overzealous Piedmont cops even produced ample video-reports from the seaside, in Liguria on the rocks on the August holiday, with lots of swimming to the buoy as ‘secret meetings’).

Now, in a perfect encounter between psycho-police and Italian-style comedy, absence becomes suggestive: physical absence, absence of telephone calls and contacts. This is not linked to a given event or action by the accusation, but just avoiding control, or better not being monitored step by step, is sufficient and it’s not clear whether this happens because of those under control or the clear incapacity of the controllers.
Too much irony? Perhaps so, given that reality is made of obsessive and worrying control, that stops at nothing: impromptu searches to cover checks on malfunctioning bugs hidden in homes, control and x-rays of post, correspondence removed directly from post boxes and sorting offices; duplicate keys to get into workplaces in the absence of those under investigation, cameras hidden in public places because they are ‘possible targets’.

These are just a few examples of quite a capillary application of control, added to the traditional ones: telephones tapped for years, bugs in homes and workplaces, GPS in cars, cameras above doors of homes, basements and workplaces, cross checks of phone records and mobile phone positioning, tracking with photos and video recordings, control of mail and eavesdropping through computers.

Then, still in the techno-logic and pseudoscientific approach of the new millennium, a flourishing of statistics, diagrams, percentages, cross-matching of the oddest data: how often the defendants met over the years (…even at home, with relatives and partners, as well as at their own trials) and how often their respective telephones… met; in which days of the week most incendiary packages are delivered; which cities have most attacks; which words anarchists prefer to use… but here we are straying from sociological statistical and behavioural study to another cornerstone of the court…

The expert opinion approach

A tailoring technique attributing specific charges to individual defendants has emerged in this trial. Massive use is made of graphic, linguistic-stylistic appraisals in order to attribute the writing of some claims to a couple of defendants and give consistency to accusatory conjectures.

Put this way it might seem like something serious (because it serves as a pretext for pre-trial detention), but if we go deeper into the reading of a modern expert’s report either techno-logical or of the human mind, we can see how the methods employed are questionable and malleable and results uncertain.

On the one hand the decision to proceed by deliberately ignoring results that contradict the thesis to be maintained is obvious, so comparisons with negative results are ignored and texts are gone through to find those that meet the needs. Common expressions or those belonging to anarchist political-poetic language become so characteristic that attributions abound in this paroxysm of combinations… that is to say the most odd assortments emerge, that even go beyond the charges themselves.

The mechanism of repression is well aware of the inconsistency of certain comparisons and examinations – and they even admit it between the lines – but also knows that the use of DNA and other techno-scientific expert’s reports has been sold to public opinion as reliable incontrovertible technology and so they also try to use it in court. As a matter of fact the record of errors, manipulation and approximation is remarkable (even the law has been forced to admit it, after the early years of an ‘acritical’ use of biological reports). We have seen signs of this in recent times too, all over the world, in trials against comrades.

However, from this compulsive collection of material and cross comparisons some data can be obtained on their systematic collection and use.

The DAP [department of prison administration] offers itself as a container of, as well as identification photos and fingerprints, records of previous incarcerations, providing personal files and graphology samples of all the anarchists who have passed through the country’s jails, even extracting letters, demands, requests, etc. from their archives. If there had been no arrest or search, they go to the registry office or other municipal archives.

Various DNA databases have been in use for over 10 years, not only with samples taken during raids but also by keeping samples and making cross-comparisons of findings in various archives.

–These are just a few aspects to be developed and thought about. The fact remains that within a framework where repressive procedures are communicating vessels, absence is a sign of guilt, solidarity is an aggravating circumstance, if Scripta Manent was trying to strike a few anarchists, on the contrary it has contributed to making solidarity and awareness flourish and this – all things considered – can only continue to make me smile in spite of the constraints on my present horizon.

Rome, January 2018

(via Act For Freedom Now!)


by Insurrection News at March 20, 2018 12:18 PM


Athens: March 24, demonstration to defend the squats community of Koukaki & in solidarity with squats & places of struggle

24 of March, Saturday, 12:00 in Paidiki Hara, Koukaki we are calling comrades, friends, from Athens and all over Greece, all of ages, genders, persons who work, studying, or are unemployed, with animals, with their music instruments and their expression means, to walk together.

Almost a year ago, a new project bloomed in the neighborhood of Koukaki. We created a community of housing and struggling squats. We occupied three empty buildings which were getting rotten at Matrozou 45, Panaitoliou 21 and Arvali 3. We rebuilt them through a lot of work to become sustainable, to become places of gathering and communal organization. Some us them are living here permanently.

We are coming from different places of the planet, co-exist with dogs and cats, creating relations of solidarity and freedom. This community, as its buildings is opened to the people through discussions in public spaces, projections, music events, café-bar, presentations of theories, and games with children. We have create structures for common use like library-reading space, compost on the Filopappou hill, public bathroom-laundry and free shop to exchange clothes, laboratory of conserves production and urban gardening. From the very start, we knew that freedom can be claimed only through struggle. Our community is part of the anti-authoritarian/anarchist/libertarian movement and participates to the defending of the squats, in struggle against state repression, prisons and detention centers, against patriarchy, fascism, destruction of nature and stand in solidarity with migrants.

Out of institutions, legality and capitalism extortions, our multi ethnic community gain grounds and became visible. As a result, the state and the fascists attacked us. On February 21, fascists tried to burn the squat at Panaitoliou 21, attack unsuccessfully repeated on 14 of March. On 12 of March, at 6 o’clock in the morning, the full-equipped mercenaries invade the neighborhood, surround and evacuate the squat Matrozou 45, beat up and arrest all the people who were inside the house, seize personal and collective objects, setting up another court case.

The operation of evacuation confronts a powerful resistance from comrades inside and outside the building. Meanwhile, people from the neighborhood try to interfere against the cops. Our resistance was a conscious political decision, it was the denial to submit ourselves to the violence of the state, it was a signal of struggle.

The evacuation let behind a strong police presence in the neighborhood, while the media create another climate of terror. The state brought on fear which everyone must break out, by taking position against repression and its presence in our neighborhood.

Our capacity to occupy buildings is a result of a struggle which is going on years now by a large and combative squatting movement where we also belong. For this reason the police operation was a coordinate attack. Alongside with Matrozou 45, the squats of Gare and Zaimi 11 were also evacuated. In this repression plan, fascists are playing a crucial, with their constant attacks to places of struggle, and at its summits the burning down of Libertatia. The list of attacks from the state and the fascists’ para-state is big. Even though, they remain unable to block the liberation.

We are a part a social base that reflects its radical and anti-state characteristic. The uncompromisable struggles and libertarian cultures. We are caring another world, we will transfer it, defend it and claim it until the time it will be a reality.

24 of March, Saturday, 12:00 in Paidiki Hara, Koukaki we are calling comrades, friends, from Athens and all over Greece, all of ages, genders, persons who work, studying, or are unemployed, with animals, with their music instruments and their expression means, to walk together.


Indymedia Athens https://athens.indymedia.org/post/1585645/

by fawda at March 20, 2018 11:45 AM

"Дети Кропоткина" митинговали в Брно против полицейского насилия в России

В воскресенье 18 марта в послеобеденное время собралась перед зданием Генерального консульства РФ в Брно (Чехия) группа человек 30, недовольных

March 20, 2018 11:23 AM

Insurrection News Worldwide

Athens, Greece: Kurdish Political Refugees Begin Hunger Strike in Syntagma Square for Afrin


On Sunday, March 18th, the army of the fascist Turkish State along with their jihadist FSA proxies entered the resisting town of Afrin. This was followed by looting, torture, beheadings of Kurdish fighters and the expulsion of 200,000 civilians, the majority of whom are now in the mountains, cut off from food and water, wounded physically and mentally from the orgy of violence and brutality.

As Kurdish political refugees who live in Greece, we declare that right now, our souls and our minds are with our brothers and sisters in Afrin.

We ask for solidarity from the Greek people as we start our hunger strike today on March 19th at Syntagma Square, opposite the Greek Parliament, demanding that the Greek government finally take a stand, unfortunately as allies of the EU and NATO, they have remained unmoved and uninvolved in recent developments.

The people of Afrin, our people, will be forever free.

Kurdish Hunger Strikers

(via Athens Indymedia, translated by Insurrection News)

by Insurrection News at March 20, 2018 11:00 AM

Rojava: Announcement from Revolutionary Union for Internationalist Solidarity (RUIS) about Haukur Hilmarsson

Our comrade Sahin H. (Haukur Hilmarsson) became immortal during Efrin’s resistance from the Turkish army’s invasion. Sehid Sahin was fighting with revolutionary morale, defending the village of Badina (in Efrin), having no fear for Turkey’s modern and advanced weapons (drones, airstrikes), that are systematically being used against Efrin’s people. He and other comrades were fighting for hours, keeping the village free from occupation by a huge number of Turkish state-backed gangs (FSA). After their successful defense, the Turkish jets hit the village and Heval Sahin fell sehid.

Haukur Hilmarsson was an anarchist revolutionary. He was involved in activist actions for solidarity for refugees, in movements involving squatting houses and in international solidarity. Seeing for himself how the system of authority and power is advancing, especially in the western world, made him realize that the uprising of fascism worldwide can be stopped by revolutionary movements through armed self-defence. He was involved in radical movement from an early age and he travelled to Rojava for revolutionary internationalist solidarity. For comrade Haukur, Rojava’s paradigm was the way how movements can succeed, building and protecting a society of freedom. It was enough reason for him to travel here and show international solidarity against the fascists of Daesh and more recently the Turkish fascist state that wills to finish what it’s child couldn’t fulfill.

Haukur was a volunteer fighter of ”Revolutionary Union for Internationalist Solidarity” (RUIS) and traveled with other comrades in Rojava to assist it’s defense units. He saw that, in Rojava, the heart of revolution beats strongly, as well as the perspective to expand and to enforce it. He saw that beyond the fighting, the communal confederation movement is building a society of freedom, equality and solidarity for all people in the region. He realized that armed self-defense plays a vital role for the survival of the revolution against Daesh fascists. He decided to come and join the people’s protection units (YPG) a long time before his arrival. He voluntarily joined the International Freedom Battalion (IFB) to become a freedom fighter and to fight Daesh fascists, with the goal to liberate the land from the tyranny which they enforced. ”It’s a shame of the western world that keeps it’s eyes closed to what is happening here. In the west we haven’t even thought of the possibility to come to Rojava!”- Haukur was saying.

Haukur immediately joined the operation to liberate Raqqa city center. He, among other international freedom fighters, joined operations, taking ground by ground in the city. He faced the fascists face to face in the front line, as they have been encircled by the liberation forces of YPG/YPJ/SDF. With the fall of Raqqa a serious victory against fascism has been achieved, but still the threat against the Rojava revolution hasn’t vanished. The Turkish fascist state, via it’s leader Erdogan, has immediately proclaimed a new attack for Rojava. This time the Turkish army is targeting Efrin’s canton.

Haukur decided to stay to defend Rojava from the ”new” expected threat. He understood that the revolution is under attack. The attack against Efrin was the start of a much larger attack against the rest of Rojava’s cantons. The victory of the revolution has scared the Turkish state so far, forcing it to launch an immediate attack and show its real face by starting a war after Daesh has been left so weak. By launching this attack, it attempts to kill the world of freedom that is emerging and at the same time to become the largest power in middle east, creating at the same time a nationalistic status inside Turkish ground. It attempts to kill the revolution here, by making Rojava’s liberated ground a colony of it’s interests.

Haukur moved with other internationals to Efrin’s canton to support the resistance. He immediately went to the front line where comrades where holding back the FSA gangs and trying to reoccupy some of the first villages that were taken. He moved to the borders of Efrin with Turkey to assist the resistance. He stood alongside YPG/YPJ/QSD freedom fighters. He further practiced his commanding responsibilities that he learnt in Raqqa. He played a key role in transferring a wounded comrade to hospital during a Turkish attack and he was co-leading the last successful defense against numerous gangs. He proved with actions that international solidarity does not take one step back in the face of fascists and enemies of freedom. He proved that when mercenaries and fascists are facing revolutionaries, they are weak and they flee from battle.

Haukur’s paradigm guides revolutionaries and scares the fascists. We, his comrades, continue marching his and our path, the one for revolutionary internationalist solidarity. We defend life, freedom and the land itself from mercenaries, fascists, and state oppression. Haukur’s revolutionary standing is motivating every freedom fighter to keep resisting and every proletarian in the world to enforce and defend this revolution. To us – his comrades – he is still alive! He lives in our resistance against fascism and tyranny, empowering us to continue the struggle for social liberation!





Revolutionary Union for Internationalist Solidarity (RUIS)

(via Athens Indymedia)

by Insurrection News at March 20, 2018 10:01 AM


USA: Many in Silicon Valley Support Universal Basic Income. Now the California Democratic Party Does, Too

Credit to: Wikipedia. The Democratic Party in California is supporting Universal Basic Income (UBI). It is now public that people like Elon Musk have supported the initiative, mainly justified through job losses due to automation. However, this of course leads to questions about the source of the influence that is supporting a basic income in the California Democratic Party, which

The post USA: Many in Silicon Valley Support Universal Basic Income. Now the California Democratic Party Does, Too appeared first on BIEN.

by Scott Douglas Jacobsen at March 20, 2018 10:00 AM

À propos du Chthulucène et de ses espèces camarades

@natacha wrote:

À propos du Chthulucène et de ses espèces camarades

Une exposition en ligne proposée par @ptqk à l’espace virtuel du jeu de Paume

@QWHY venez partager À propos du Chthulucène et de ses espèces camarades démarre par une présentation du Manifeste Chthulucene de Santa Cruz de Donna Haraway dont Maria ptqk nous explique que: " le préfixe « chthu » renvoie aux pouvoirs souterrains et abyssaux de la Terre. Mais à la différence du Cthulu de H. P. Lovecraft (notez la différence d’orthographe), qui exprimait la terreur face à l’inconnu, son Chthulu invite à rencontrer d’autres formes de vie : animaux non humains, végétaux, champignons ou bactéries."

Enfin une exposition clairemnet directement issue de la pensée féministe, @ptqk nous amène vers une vision radicalement différente à la fois de la critique et des avenues pour aborder notre monde, nous entraînant dans des associations au travers de tous les possibles ddes surpoductions technologiques, des pénétrations diverses de nos corps de notre planête produisant des espaces énergétiques encore non construits.

Au travers de l’ensemble de l’exposition il s’agit donc bien d’un ici et maintenant, d’une proposition d’un autre rapport à notre monde en transformation à travers les espèces et les technologies.
Si Pinar Yoldas nous y entraine par son ecosystem of excess Anna Vaz et Nuno Da Luz présentent déjà un voyage out.

Ces forces qui nous sont encore mystérieuses ouvrent vers un univers dont on ne peut qualifier l’utopie ou la dystopie, mais qui en tous les cas ne se fera pas sans une participation des non-humains

A cet égard, il n’est pas clair comment cette vision s’inscrit dans la continuité de la situation contemporaine, et dans mon immense plaisir de naviguer cette exposition, j’ai envie de poser la question de la résistance et de rendre un hommage aux luttes en cours en relayant l’hommage lancé par La Via Campesina à l’occasion de la journée de la femme.

Posts: 3

Participants: 2

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by @natacha at March 20, 2018 09:55 AM

18 марта – анархисты мира на переднем краю

18 марта 2018 года анархисты всего мира довольно неожиданно стали главной силой, выразившей сопротивление путинской государственной машине. Именно сторонники прямого самоуправления в день российских «выборов» выступили наиболее активно. Настоящая волна акций солидарности с арестованными российскими товарищами, которых сотрудники ФСБ подвергли гестаповским пыткам, поднялась во множестве городов мира, даже на разных континентах.

March 20, 2018 08:47 AM

Insurrection News Worldwide

Russia: The FSB is the Real Terrorist! Freedom for Anarchist Prisoners! (Video)

Received on 20.03.18:

Recent anarchist activity in Russia against the March 18 electoral spectacle, and in solidarity with anarchist and antifascist prisoners.


by Insurrection News at March 20, 2018 06:36 AM

Hambach Forest Occupation

Liberate or die – Animal liberation action day

Around a hundred animal liberation activists gathered for a week of skillsharing in the Hambach Forest in Germany. On Monday 15th of March, activists hung a banner on a bridge of A4 highway close to Buir train station. The banner read “animal liberation” in multiple languages. “We dropped this banner in German Catalan Arabic French English Spanish Basque Polish Welsh to send an international message. We wanted to raise awareness… more…

by hambacherforst at March 20, 2018 01:06 AM

Debian security

March 19, 2018

Стокгольм: акция солидарности с анархистами и антифашистами в России

Вчера 18 марта в Стокгольме прошла акция солидарности с российскими анархистами и антифашистами. Участники акции расклеили страницы дневника арестованного антифашиста Виктора Филинкова на пути от метро Thoridsplan до здания посольства РФ. В дневнике Виктор.

March 19, 2018 08:03 PM


Brussels: Demo march 21. A roof for everybody!

Why protest?

Because the housing crisis can not be ignored. There are between 15,000 and 30,000 empty dwellings in Brussels, while there are around 4,000 homeless people. 40,000 families are on the waiting list for social housing, with waiting times varying between 8 and 12 years. Lastly, rents on the private market have steadily increased in recent years. As a result, households whose incomes do not exceed € 1500 have to average 60% of their budget to rent.
Because, in spite of this context, the government has passed an anti-squat law, which puts people in risks to go to jail for squatting empty houses to sleep in.
Because this law appears in a general movement of repression: the constant criminalization of the undocumented and the individuals who are in solidarity with them, the installation of surveillance cameras in the streets, the police and military presence in the public space are as much clues to a desire for global control.
Because applicable solutions exist (right of requisition, right of public management, …) or have been proposed incessantly by associations for the right to housing (consequent increase of the number of social housing, framing of the rents …).
The authorities refuse to apply them.
As for us, we continue to squat, we continue to protest!
For the demo to be enjoyable for all participants, take care of the ones and avoid unconscious or oppressive behaviors.

Wednesday 21 march,2018 – 18:00, Place Bara – Baraplein, Brussels

nonalaloiantisquat [at] riseup [dot] net

by fawda at March 19, 2018 01:00 PM

Hambach Forest Occupation

Barricade Eviction in the Forest

3/20: 2 of the 3 persons arrested in the forest yesterday and the person arrested near Buir are still imprisoned. One person gave the identity and is free. 3/19: On early Monday morning, cops arrived close to the forest to evict Goblin town, a tunnel dug close to the one of the entrances of the forest. 7:11 cops have run after activists into the forest in the direction of Oaktown.… more…

by hambacherforst at March 19, 2018 06:24 AM

barricade eviction in the forest

On early moiday morning, cops arrived close to the forest to evict Goblin town, a tunnel dug close to the one of the entrances of the forest. 7:11 cops have run after activists into the forest in the direction of oaktown. 7:45 2 person have been arrested 8:40 In all, 3 person have been arrested more…

by hambacherforst at March 19, 2018 06:20 AM


Italy: I Love Dignity and Guaranteed Income

  The Network Rete dei Numeri Pari organized the event called “I love dignity. Guaranteed minimum income. What it is and how to build an instrument against inequality, mafia and poverty” in the past 14th and 15th of February, 2018. Among many speakers, Sandro Gobetti, Giuseppe Allegri and Giuseppe Bronzini, from  Basic Income Network Italia, shared their thoughts with the audience. Below can be

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by Sandro Gobetti at March 19, 2018 06:00 AM

March 18, 2018

На демонстрации за свободу политзаключенных в Берлине развернули баннер в поддержку российских анархистов

18 марта - всемирный день солидарности с политзаключенными, а в России день "выборов" Путина (а ещё это день Парижской коммуны). Сегодня в Берлине в районе Treptow Park прошла демонстрация с требованиями свободы всем политзэкам. В рамках на этой демонстрации был развернут баннер против пыток, тюрем и репрессий в России.

March 18, 2018 10:55 PM

В Хельсинки прошла акция солидарности с арестованными российскими антифашистами и анархистами

18 марта 2018 года, в рамках, в Хельсинки около посольства РФ прошла акция протеста.

March 18, 2018 07:32 PM

Tor Browser

Tor Browser 8.0a4 is released

Tor Browser 8.0a4 is released gk March 18, 2018

Tor Browser 8.0a4 is now available from the Tor Browser Project page and also from our distribution directory.

This release features important security updates to Firefox.

The full changelog since Tor Browser 8.0a3 is:

  • All platforms
    • Update Firefox to 52.7.2esr

by gk at March 18, 2018 07:13 PM

Крымский анархист Алексей Шестакович после пыток в ФСБ покинул Россию

Севастопольский активист Алексей Шестакович, которого в начале марта сотрудники ФСБ избивали и душили пакетом при задержании, уехал за границу. Об этом он сам сообщил в фейсбуке. «Уже в Херсоне. Выехал без особых проблем», — написал активист.  Две недели назад сотрудники репрессивных структур ворвались в дом к Шестаковичу с обыском. Следственные действия проходили при поддержке спецназа ФСБ «Альфа», бойцы которого били Шестаковича по лицу, в грудь и в горло.

March 18, 2018 06:50 PM


Bonn: Former Iranian Embassy Squatted and Evicted

The former Iranian embassy in Bonn was recently squatted in solidarity
with political activism, feminist struggles and prisoner rights in Iran.
Unfortunately it has now been evicted. It was occupied on International
Women’s Day, Thursday March 8, and was raided by over one hundred riot
cops one week later.

Apparently the building no longer had special status since the embassy
had moved to Berlin and had been empty for twenty years since the
reunification of Germany. Mainstream media in Germany and Iran
(including the Tehran Times!) reported that four “opportunists” had been
removed and it was unclear if they would face any charges. You can read
the manifesto of the squatters on the Institut für Anarchismusforschung
blog below and follow them on twitter.

Declaration on the squatting of the former Iranian embassy in the city
of Bonn (english translation)

The former Iranian embassy in Bonn has been squatted last thursday and
is still occupied to this day. It is meant as a gesture of solidarity
with the progrressive protest in Iran, the protesting women, the
political prisoners and is at the same time meant to shed light on the
need for a non-commercial space of gathering and free culture.

For months people in Iran are taking their protests against the
mullah-regime to the streets. They are doing so in spite of the risk of
getting arrested, maybe even tortured or murdered. The protests are
covering a wide range of interests and topics like the fight for better
working conditions, the liberation of the numerous political prisoners,
the call for lower prices for food, electricity and rent. The aims of
the protestors are also widespread: from a call for a western-style
democratic political system to an outright anti-capitalist society.
Despite the emancipatory and anti-clerical nature of the protest there
are also reactionary forces, like supporters of the monarchy, hoping to
replace the islamic dictatorship by another backward system.

The Iranian regime is brutally cracking down on the protests. According
to the Iranian government more than 3500 anti-government protestors have
been arrested and more than 50 have been killed. Activists are counting
many more casualties.

By squatting the embassy on March 8 – the international day of women’s
rights – we deliberately chose time and place for the occupation in
order to express our solidarity with the worldwide struggle for women’s
rights. A world worth living in must realize full equality of the
genders. The occupation of the Iranian embassy is meant to send our
greetings to the brave women of Iran who are rising up against the
patriachal and repressive system. They are among the ones suffering most
from the rigid religious oppression like the compulsory head scarf. They
are demanding the right to self-determination and the ability to chose
what they want to wear or not.

Furthermore we are a group of people of different backgrounds who have
come together in order to take a stance in the question of who the city
belongs to and how it develops. We are noticing quite some changes in
the city of Bonn, some of which are not in the best interests of its
citizens (and non-citizens). A measure for the rising interest in these
things can be seen in the formation of a number of different interest
groups protesting these changes like the „Viva Viktoria“ group speaking
out against the gentrification of the Viktoria quarter in the centre of
Bonn, the protest against the closing of different public pools in order
to build a new central one, a prestige project of the local government.
At the same time we are witnessing ever rising rents and empty buildings
that could be used for housing.
With some concern we are observing these developments which reflect the
gentrification of the city, pushing people with low income aside while
serving corporate interests.

So the occupation was also a practical step to protest these changes. We
are planning to make it an open space for self-organized culture and
politics, a place where people can come together and communicate with
each other. Since there are hardly any places in Bonn where people can
go without being forced to pay admission fees or buy stuff, we mean to
create a free and open space. That’s why we occupied an empty building
that was left to rot anyways and want to revive it.

We are now establishing the „Institute for Anarchist Studies“ where a
radical critique of society is meant to emerge – be it in a brutal
theocratic dictatorship like Iran or be it – though on a different scale
– in a capitalist society, that still is putting strains on individual
freedom and well-being.

Everyone who is interested is invited to come and visit, talk to us and
witness the change unfolding.



by sisulscz at March 18, 2018 06:02 PM

Bournemouth (UK): Second Sanctuary eviction

The Sanctuary occupied homeless camp on Ashley Road, east Bournemouth, was evicted yesterday {March13}, leaving rough sleepers struggling to find anywhere safe to stay or put their belongings.

The camp was the second set up by homeless people working with Occupy Bournemouth activists in the wake of a brutal New Year eviction of a site on Exeter Road, opposite the Bournemouth International Centre (BIC) in which bailiffs tore down and crushed people’s belongings despite freezing conditions. An Occupy activist said:

Bournemouth councils attitude towards homelessness is disgusting and … with the change in legislation coming up we have a chance to support/advocate for, all our homeless to get housed.

The site had been under threat since last month, when owners Brightmark Ltd were granted an eviction notice — it’s tipped to become a car park.

The new Sanctuary closure is just the latest in a series of setbacks for rough sleepers in the area, who lost direct access to the local night shelter three years ago and have since had to rely on groups such as St Mungos, which have been hit by a scandal over information sharing with the Home Office. Many homeless people have lost trust in such organisations as a partial result — an issue not helped by what campers say have been repeated attacks by St Mungos on Sanctuary over the last few months.
Only last month, Bournemouth council was forced to backtrack on its installation of metal bars on benches to stop homeless people from sleeping on them, which became a national embarrassment after rapper Professor Green took direct action to remove them and 17,000 people signed a petition against the policy.


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Insurrection News Worldwide

Greifswald, Germany: Solidarity Action for Anarchists and Antifascists in Russia


18.03.18: In solidarity with the anarchists and antifascists who have been tortured and arrested in Russia we protested in front of the court in Greifswald (North-east Germany) today, on the day of action for the (political) prisoners and the day of the presidental pseudo-election in Russia. With two banners saying “freedom not torture (A)” and “Stop torture of anarchists and antifascists in russia” we want to send warm greetings to the affected and imprisoned activists, their friends and families.

You are not alone – all around the world there are people who stand behind you!

Stop torture by Russian secret service FSB! Free the prisoners!

Support the activists with solidarity actions, collect money, print leaflets and spread them!

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Hambach Forest Occupation

Pont Valley Protection Camp: Possible Eviction Alert

There is very high possibility of attempts to evict the The Pont Valley Protection Camp this week which like other Fracking Site protests, blockades and autonomous land occupations in England is facing the use of the Common Law Eviction, also known as “Owners Right to Self-Help” allowing the corporations involved and the property owners leasing to them to employ Bailiffs and private security to evict activists without court proceedings or… more…

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Insurrection News Worldwide

#Fight4Afrin Communique 2: Now or Never – Resistance is Life


The revolution of Rojava is going through her darkest hours. Despite the worldwide and relentless actions of millions and countless acts of militant resistance in solidarity with the struggle of Afrin the rulers of this world decided to slaughter the people in Rojava. Today the fascist Turkish army and their Islamist mercenaries entered the city of Afrin.

We are not shocked. We are furious. We showed in the last weeks that we are ready to risk everything to save this revolution. Now it is the time to spread the heroic resistance of YPJ/YPG and the people of Afrin in the most radical way all over the world. Now is the time to light up the Newroz fires right in the heart of the beast. In these fires our furious, determination and hope will shine.

Now, we will take the war against Turkish fascism and its supporters to the streets of the metropoles. We will defend our hopes and attack everyone who is part of this plot against Afrin. Whatever might be necessary, we will stop this war right now!

Rise up for Afrin and the revolution of Rojava!

Death to Turkish fascism and its collaborators!

War against war!


18th of March 2018

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Sydney, Australia: Solidarity Action for Anarchist and Antifascist Prisoners in Russia


Received on 19.03.18:

In response to a solidarity appeal from comrades in Russia, on the 18th of March, the day of the Russian elections, a group of anarchists in Sydney gathered at the Russian consulate. We distributed leaflets about the situation of imprisoned Russian anarchists and antifascists and chanted slogans against police, prisons and the Putin regime.

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New book: Beyond the Income for Inclusion, for a guaranteed Income as a Basic Right.

The Basic Income Network Italy has published a new Quaderno per il Reddito (Income Notebook) N°8 – February 2018. The title of this new publication is “Beyond the Income for Inclusion, for a guaranteed income as a basic right” and hosts, in 144 pages, twelve italian authors. The book analyzes the new measure introduced in Italy called “Reddito di inclusione

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